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Andy Flowers

Train Timing and performance evaluation are areas that are relatively poorly covered in the railway media, and here on the web. I'm hoping to make the subject more accessible to rail enthusiasts and to generate a bit more interest.

Table of Site Contents

Classic Logs Unpublished logs from various classes
Class 22 Performance Article from Traction
20s To Kosovo Article from Traction
GPS Use on the Railway  Article from Rail Express
Gallery Selection of photographs
Links Small selection of links to other rail sites 
TomRail The story of a young boys attempt to run a railway

Many of you may have seen the regular articles I write for Traction, with occasional related articles for other magazines.

I've reproduced a few of those here, together with a few unpublished logs (with locos and dates amended to protect anonymity in certain areas).

I'm also very much aware of the need not to promote, or even glamourise, excessive speed - rail safety being a particularly controversial subject these days.

I'll try to update the site regularly, and am open to suggestions of what to put in it (within reason!) - comments will be most appreciated.

There's an example of a type of practice and performance piece from Traction  - an article on the "Train for Life" which took 3 DRS 20s and a trainload of relief to Kosovo. Admittedly the emphasis is on the outrageous nature of the train, and the entire experience, but the 20s did perform superbly well on a trailing load of over 700 tons.

A more usual type of practice and performance article is the one on Class 22s from an issue of Traction from the year 2000. 

For the purist I've included a selection of decent runs from a variety of different classes of loco in the classic runs section.

I also do a bit of work for Rail Express, focussing here more on the current rail scene with a few photos, diagrams (particularly unit diagrams) and the occasional longer piece -for instance one on satellite navigation applications on the railway

One of my own pet hates is the time it takes to down load photos on web sites - so I've tried to keep most of them in one place.

For anyone with a liking for such things, a high speed phone line and modem, cheap phone calls and the patient to wait for pictures to appear on a screen I've put a few photos in a gallery.

Anyone with any comments or queries (or offers of work!) please get in touch by e-mail - I'll try to answer all queries promptly.

In conclusion, I hope that anyone viewing the site enjoys it and finds it useful and informative - if not please get back to me.

Andy Flowers